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I advise businesses across multiple sectors on digital analytics, measurement strategy, marketing technology and becoming more data-driven.

Consulting Services

Visualise your data for quick decision making with dashboards and data visualisation.

Help design, audit and implement Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Train and recruit staff on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Developer your digital measurement strategy to enhanced your digital marketing strategy.

Recent Articles

Better Scroll Tracking in Google Analytics

Think you’ve got scroll tracking nailed on your website? Then let me ask you a question. Can you see a report that shows you average scroll depth per page within the Google Analytics interface? If the answer is no, but you’d like to, then keep reading because I’m going to explain why the classic method of implementing scroll tracking in Google Analytics isn’t all that…

Klipfolio Tips: Generating Weekly Date Sequences

It’s often useful in Klipfolio to create a sequence of dates for graphs or tables, spanning back in time from today to X years ago. Use the following code to generate such sequences: DATEVALUE( group( DATE_STARTOF( DATERANGE( DATE_STARTOF(TODAY(), “1”, -2), today() ), “4” ) ), “yyyy-MM-dd” ) On line 5, the “1” represents YEAR. Only line 8, the “4” represents WEEK. In the Klipfolio interface…

Reader Question: I Migrated to a new Website and My Bounce Rate Increased! Why?

An increase in bounce rate can be a shock, especially if you moved web host or re-designed your website to improve user experience. Why are more people now bouncing? Here are two reasons why bounce rate can suddenly increase. User experience change (for the better) Your previous website had many links and pages. Your new website opts for the long-form style which is now common…

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Designed to help digital marketers set up commonly used marketing and analytics tags in Google Tag Manager record time (under 5 minutes).