Know thy customer

Uncover who your customers are, what they want, and how effectively your website and marketing strategies are at serving them

We help you analyse data to provide you with insights that can improve your marketing efforts and optimise your website to increase acquisition and build brand loyalty.

How we do it


Data analysis

We collect and analyse data captured by web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, your CRM database, and on-site surveys, heat mapping tools and session recording tools to identify trends and insights. Get a feel for what you can do to improve the shopping experience, get buyers converting, and coming back for more, and how you can improve your marking efforts.

  • Triggered surveys
  • Google analytics
  • Heat mapping
  • Tag management
  • Session recording
  • Telephone tracking
  • CRM data integration


User experience testing

Quickly understand if your new or existing product or service is a hit or miss with buyers. If it’s a miss, learn to quickly evolve or pivot the product into something they will love, based on their feedback.

  • Session recording
  • Focus groups


Customer segmentation

Use techniques such as RFM or cluster analysis to group your customers based on CRM data such as age, location, purchase history and lifetime value, and get a sense for all the types of people your website is attracting. This can help you identify gaps where a new product can be introduced, or to tailor your marketing to specific audiences.

  • RFM analysis
  • Data integration projects


Data visualisation

Don’t hide your data away. We ensure that data is getting to the right people in your business so they can take action.

  • Custom dashboards (Tableau, Excel)
  • Scheduled reports
  • Report automation